High performance PLC's to suit every application
We have experience spanning two decades of integration of Mitsubishi Electric's MELSEC range of controllers. We can provide full service backup for all Mitsubishi PLC's. We can provide upgrade solutions for older controllers as well as new integrated systems. We are fully conversant with all Mitsubishi electric controller software and are able to perform complex programming, diagnostic and modifications on-site.

It is now over 25 years since Mitsubishi Electric launched the first compact PLC on the European market. Since then Mitsubishi has become the world market leader in this sector, with over 8 million of its compact controller installations to its credit.

We hold extensive stocks of New & Used PLC parts, modules and accessories, we also have access to the FULL range of Mitsubishi Electric Automation Equipment.

Mitsubishi's Alpha Series Controllers are the "Tiny Giants" of automation, designed to provide easy, flexible, and powerful control that is rugged enough for the factory floor and easy enough to use at home. The ALPHA range of PLC's's offer an unbeatable combination of features including real-time clock, high current output relays, analog inputs, secured access, built-in display / programming panel, battery back-up and industrial ruggedness and reliability.

The new FX1s Super-Micro Programmable Logic Controllers boasts integrated I/O, power supply and CPU in an "ALL IN ONE" package. Every model packs an impressive instruction set and an abundant mass of user memory. No other controller is better suited to tackle modern automation demands in jobs ranging from the simplest and smallest I/O count, to those demanding the pinnacle of complexity and speed.

The FX1N takes the technology of the FX1S and applies it in a micro PLC with expansion capabilities. Extend the FX1N system up to maximum 128 I/O, and add additional communications and analog services. In line with the FX1S, a wide range of I/O options are available.

Mitsubishi's FX2N is the bench-mark in micro PLC performance. The FX2N offers powerful capabilities such as an impressive standard memory, unprecedented data storage, auto-tuning PID, networking and flexible serial communication, all executed at speeds faster than most other PLC's have ever offered before.

The FX3U controllers also impress with their speed (0.065µs per logical instruction), a significantly larger instruction set with a total of 209 instructions and improved functions and modules, particularly for positioning tasks. Other improvements include enhanced communications capabilities with Ethernet, USB and RS-422 mini DIN connectors.

The Q Series PLC functionality includes up to four CPUs (PLC, Motion or PC-CPUs in any combination) in one system and the potential for 128MB of file memory. Unlike typical PLC's, the Q Series offers a broad spectrum of different automation capabilities. In addition to sequence control, it is equally capable of process, sophisticated motion and open, PC based control, either individually, or simultaneously. Q Series is much more than just a PLC, it's an Automation Platform!

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